Passenger Emergency Point - PEP - Product Range and Installations

The Passenger Emergency Point (PEP) has two main configurations, the double sided unit, is a dual sided free standing system, which has the same equipment module configuration, both sides. This system is usually incorporated to double platform island station designs. The second main configuration is the single sided design, which is thinner and is usually in a wall mounted configuration. Examples of both these systems can be seen below.

Along side these systems, we offer various mechanical methods of mounting, be it free standing or wall mounted, we will make our system fit our around your needs.

Passenger Emergency Point - PEP - Overview

The Passenger Emergency Point or PEP, was designed specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of the Docklands Light Railway.

The design brief was to provide an easily recognisable enclosure, for all of the safety and communications equipment needed on each platform. This enclosure had to be both aesthetically pleasing and robust.

The PEP houses the following equipment:

  • An emergency train stop button
  • 2 way Audio Passenger Alarm with Induction Loop
  • Staff Telephone
  • Public Address microphone
  • Override switch for the platform passenger information display
  • Radio microphone receiver for the Public Address System
  • 110V outlet for use by maintenance staff
  • Optional fire call point.

All the equipment is housed within modules, that are easily removed for maintenance or upgrading. The design also features a large cable termination and management enclosure within the base.

Initially the PEP's were installed on the London City Airport extension of the Docklands Light Railway, running from Canning Town to King George V, but have now been rolled out to cover a further 36 stations.

Passenger Emergency Point - PEP - Design Details

The PEP has all aluminium construction with sturdy extruded aluminium posts, forming a chassis to which a 'back-bone' is added, that provides, cable management and mounting points for all of the equipment.

Each piece of equipment is housed within a separate enclosure facilitating maintenance of non-safety critical functions during operational hours, and also preserving 'inter-discipline' segregation.

Unit can be wall hung or free standing and for island platform a double sided version is available.

For more detailed technical specifications and mechanical drawings, a data sheet is available, which can be requested by completing the form on the 'contact us' page.

Double Sided Unit

Image showing double sided unit at London City Airport Docklands Light Railway Station.

Single Sided Unit

Image showing Single sided unit at Canning Town Docklands Light Railway Station.