Video Help Point - VHP - Product Range and Installations

The Video Help Point (VHP) has two main configurations, the double sided unit, usually placed on the gate line itself, allowing customers to call for assistance on either side of the gate line, or the single side units. The single sided units, are two one sided units connected via an umbilical system to perform as the double sided units do, as shown in the examples below.

Alongside these systems, we offer various mechanical methods of mounting, be it free standing or wall mounted, we will make our system fit around your needs.

Video Help Point - VHP - Product Support

The Video Help Point systems are supplied, installed and maintained by our trading partner, Cubic Transportation Systems. They have a 24 hour help desk for faults and will respond in accordance with your service level agreement.

The contact phone number for the Cubic help desk is: 0845 621 5400

Video Help Point - VHP - Overview

The Video Help Point (VHP) is a gate line assistance product, which is unique in that it allows gate lines to be remotely operated and an un-manned.

Widely in use by the following train operator companies:

  • First Capital Connect
  • First Great Western
  • First ScotRail
  • London Midland
  • London Overground
  • South Eastern
  • South West Trains
  • Southern
  • Chiltern
  • Arriva Trains

All have benefited from the gating of ancillary entrances, without having to increase staffing levels.

The system works locally, with gate line staff at the primary entrance managing the secondary entrance, through the VHP. The operation of the VHP and its monitoring station is intuitive with no special training required for the staff and readily accepted by the customers.

Video Help Point - VHP - Design Details

The VHP is constructed from extruded aluminium sections, that interlock to form a weather and vandal resistant case, that mounts into a cast aluminium base.

The design is intended to allow the VHP to used in 'un-supervised' situations and make the equipment impervious to assault, this has been proven with a 10 year track record.

All of the technical items are housed within separate modules, that slide into the case. This construction, provides quick and easy installation and maintenance with minimum downtime.

Communication and picture transmission is all achieved over twisted pair cable, and the standard equipment can cope with cable runs of up to 1000 metres.

For more detailed technical specifications and mechanical drawings, a data sheet is available, which can be requested by completing the form on the 'contact us' page.

Double Sided Unit

Image showing double sided unit situated on the gate line.

Single Sided Units

Image showing the two single sided units, situated either side of the gate line system.